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the artist behind white & berry

Adrienne Plath is the founder, creative and printer behind the scenes at WHITE & BERRY. As a stationery designer, she uses her meticulous attention to detail to meet her customers' expectations with every wedding invitation and day-of stationery. After completing her successful Master's degree in Communication Economics, she gained extensive and longstanding experience globally in international marketing, as well as in the jewelry and textile industries. Nevertheless, she felt the need for a deeper artistic pursuit on an individual level.


The message I aim to convey should resonate with your guests in a fitting and natural manner, leaving a memorable and lasting impression. It is very important to me that your planning experience is as enjoyable as the event itself. Our initial conception discussions together and the design work that realizes your vision are so closely linked that one cannot exist without the other. 

“I am incredibly fortunate to work with couples all over the world. I am honored to be a part of your love story. I'm not creating just another piece of paper destined for the wastebasket - I have designed a piece of art that documents your most important day. I am a stationery designer who transforms ordinary paper into masterpieces with her artistic touch. As an artist, I draw inspiration from the works of my favorite artists and bring their essence into every project I take on. I strive to create stationery that captures the unique aesthetic and story of each couple I work with. I ensure that each piece is artfully created with an undeniable romantic quality. For each of you, I fulfill your highest expectations with a uniqueness in execution.” – All my heart, Adrienne Plath